Open to Innovators All Around the Globe
November 19, 2017 – December 30, 2017

Joining forces to find the next brilliant solution to solve the challenges of today.#WorldGovHack

The UAE Government is organizing the biggest Global Virtual GovHack and will bring great minds and skills together to solve the pressing challenges of today’s world. The Govhack is looking for those who will be up for the challenge and will bring emerging solutions to solve key challenges: Refugee Resettlement, Clean Water and Food Security, Electricity Access, Economic Security in addition to Government Services. The hackathon aims to put top minds from developers, startups and university students at the center of the next wave of industry disruption to help produce innovative solutions that benefit the global community.

Enter today to be a part of the world’s most diverse virtual hackathon, and for your chance to win up to $450,000 USD in prizes! The World Virtual GovHack will kick-off 19 November 2017. Register Now.

The World Virtual GovHack is seeking top developers, designers, and entrepreneurs around the world to team up together and solve one of five pressing challenges facing our global community.


These challenges include:

Economic Security
Economic Security
Service Transformation
Service Transformation
Access to Energy
Access to Energy
Refugee Resettlement
Refugee Resettlement
Clean Water & Food Security
Clean Water & Food Security
Submit Your Own Challenge
Submit Your Own Challenge

Grand Prize


Runner Up


2nd Runner Up Prize


All 3 finalists will also have an all-expenses-paid trip for 3 team members

to attend the World Government Summit and the awarding ceremony that will be held in February in Dubai.


The schedule

November 19th, 2017: Hackathon Registration Launches!

Joined after the 19th? Not to worry, you can enter the hackathon at any time before submissions close. Looking for a team? As soon as you sign up, we’ll send you a link to join the World Virtual GovHack Slack community where you’ll have assistance to team formation.

November 28th, 2017

Webinar #1: Join to get an in-depth look at the challenges and get feedback on your idea.

December 5 – December 15: Open Office Hours

Mentors and judges are here to help you progress your idea and get ready to pitch.

December 20th, 2017

Webinar #2: Join to talk solutions and prepare for project submissions.

December 30th, 2017

Pitches and Submissions Due!

January 8th, 2018

Winners Announced

February 11-13th, 2018

Top teams to be honored during the World Government Summit

The Rules

Team Size

Teams of up to 5 participants are allowed. all team members must have completed the participation agreement to compete.

Fresh Code

You may not begin your project until the competition officially begins. please don’t come in and build on top of previous projects if you want to win.


Teams have full ownership of everything they build at our events and are free to do with it as they wish.

Code Review

Winning teams may be subject to a code-review at some point following the event or immediately before winning.

Identity Verification

All winners will be subject to an identity check for verification, prior to the release of any cash prizes.

The Judging Process

All teams will be required to submit a short 3-minute video demo of their project. Finalists from the Hackathon will be selected by a panel of World Virtual GovHack experts. Judges will be announced in the coming weeks.

Each submission will be scored in each round based on the following criteria with a minimum score of 0 and maximum score of 30 points, with the final score being the average of the judges’ scores:


How well put together was the project and the demo that was shown? Does it work to solve one of the challenges? (5 Points)


Is the solution economically viable? Does it have the potential to scale? (5 Points)


How unique or out-of-the-box was the solution? (5 Points)


How well designed, including UX, UI and user flow, was the solution? (5 Points)


How scalable is the solution, can it handle increased demand? (5 Points)


How innovative was the solution, does it focus on a specific market with an unanswered need? (5 Points)

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